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At our school, we welcome children aged three years and older.

An elementary knowledge of the Russian language (understanding of the simplest spoken forms) is desirable.

The number of children in every class and its composition is defined by the school administration and is based on the level of proficiency in Russian and the age of kids.

Most classes offer the following subjects: Speech and Language Development, Literacy Skills DevelopmentDevelopment of Creative Abilities. Some elder classes introduce other subjects, such as Russian LanguageReading, Literature, Social StudiesMathematics.

Attention! The Kalinka Russian School is a Saturday school of complementary education. Kalinka is only open on Saturdays.


Enrollment in the school for the 2020-2021 academic year is open.

To submit an application for enrollment, please follow the link to access the kids.cloud communication portal. For each type of enrollment you will find the documents you need to fill out. Please also note the Internal rules of conduct. Observation of these rules makes children’s stay at school safe and comfortable, and the learning process – more effective.

Attention! For those parents who have two or more children in different groups at different times, the Administration provides a free group of extended hours from 9.00 to 9.50 so that the child, while waiting for the start of his main classes, will spend time with our teachers. You can obtain more detailed information from the school administration by contacting us by e-mail or phone.
The final number and composition of groups will be determined finally by the beginning of the school year. Schedule of main classes will also be posted on the site by September. At the moment, you can find the Lesson Schedule and Training Saturdays in the "Information Documents" section when filling out the online form in Kids.cloud.

Rules of filling documents in the kids.cloud system

1. You can fill out in Russian the questionnaire proposed in the system, but names, surnames, as well as the residential address, need be entered in Latin characters.

2. When filling out the forms, you will find documents that need to be signed and returned to the system. These documents need to be printed, completed, signed, scanned and attached for our administrators.

3. The documents with the information you need, such as your schedule or the working Saturdays, will be sent as information files.

4. Upon completion of the enrollment procedure, we will send to your email address a confirmation that all documents have been received, and we will propose a group and a schedule for the child.

5. You will also receive an invitation with a login to register in the system. After registration, you can use the kids.cloud system to communicate with your teacher, get information from the administration, etc.