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Dear all!

Please send your feedback to the school administration address: kalinkarussianschool@hotmail.com. We will be very glad to hear your comments and to share them with others.

Andrei Lechev

- Last year, we went to a class organised for the youngest kids that need to get some preparatory training for going to school. Valentina Antonova was our teacher. My daughter was very happy, and on the days when she had to go to the Luxembourgish crèche, she asked: «Can we better go to the Russian school?» At Kalinka, she liked the fact that children weren’t simply left to themselves, but were actually doing something all together. They got tasks and had to complete them – if necessary – with the help of the teacher. She likes not just playing, but also doing something organised. This year we found out about the Skillful hands club, so I asked my daughter if she wanted to join it. She agreed and now she attends it with pleasure. The main thing is that the child like the school and not get too tired.


Natalya Goff

- I’ve been watching Kalinka for 5 years, observing the school life and events. I saw lots of kids attending the School and I saw that it was necessary not only for our children, but also for us, adults. The idea of creating a Russian school was truly great. I’d like to thank everyone who supported the project, the teachers that help our children master the Russian language and introduce them to our Russian culture and traditions.

Special thanks to Svetlana Kleshkova for finding special approach to my son Adrian and making him so interested that he does homework and goes to Kalinka with great pleasure. After only 2 weeks of going to this school, I noticed progress in him: he had learned a lot of new words, poems and songs.


Yulia Kobzar

- I am the mother of two children, aged 3 and 5, both of them are students at Kalinka. As a mom, I am very satisfied with the School, as my children simply adore it. They look forward to Saturdays and on Mondays they often ask: «But when will we go to Kalinka?». My kids love everything: the basic classes (reading and writing), optional clubs (chess, drawing, Skillful hands club, Entertaining mathematics), as well as preparing for and participating in festivals and concerts. I want to note the heartfelt approach of the teachers and administrators to their work, their diligence and enthusiasm. I can’t say anything but «Thank you, Kalinka