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Optional clubs schedule

Optional clubs schedule at the Kalinka Russian School in Luxembourg for the 2019-2020 school year.

Art club
Fine art classes form the aesthetic culture and worldview. They bring freedom and creativity, enthusiasm and unexpected discoveries. They stimulate imagination and internal dialogue. While (...)
Art club for adults
Since childhood, we have been ingrained with the idea that you can develop drawing and painting skills only if you are an exceptionally gifted person or after years of grueling practice. Many (...)
Chess club
Playing chess has many advantages on different levels. In short, this ancient game improves concentration and memory, stimulates creativity and reading skills, helps learn how to plan and how to (...)
Amusing math
The development of math skills in a child is not only aimed at teaching him to count and solve math problems. It is also a good stimulation of his ability to see the correlations, tendencies in (...)
Dance club
In our dance club, children learn the alphabet of movement guided by an experienced choreographer. The teacher helps children not only reveal the talent, but also develop it and shape it up. In (...)