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About us

The Kalinka Russian School, leading Russian school of complementary education in Luxembourg, was opened in February 2010 at the initiative of the Russian Club of Luxembourg* — a non-profit association established under the auspices of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Luxembourg and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. On January 18, 2012, the Kalinka Russian School was registered as a non-profit association: Ecole russe «Kalinka», Association sans but lucratif.

As of today, 223 pupils study at Kalinka, taught by 19 teachers. Starting from 2016, in addition to educational clubs for kids, classes in fine arts have been offered for adults.

The following organizations have helped the Russian Club create Kalinka and still support it:

Luxembourg Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade;
Luxembourg Ministry of Education;
Luxembourg Ministry of Family.

This list would be incomplete if we didn’t mention the director and coordinator of the project, the school director and a true mastermind — Radishevskaia Anna.

Unlike companies offering private lessons and group Russian language courses, we have set the goal to organize a structured primary education which implies the teaching of general subjects, including music, singing, drama, etc.

We focus on awakening children’s interest in the Russian language, introducing the kids to the history and culture of Russia. At the same time, the children learn about the history, culture, folklore, geography and the way of life in Luxembourg in comparison with Russia, which helps them to better understand the Luxembourgish society and facilitates the integration process, especially for the newly arrived children.

Throughout a school day which usually includes 3 hours of general subjects and 1-3 hours of optional educational clubs of choice, and of course, during the breaks, children communicate in Russian with teachers and peers. It provides a complete immersion into the language and creates a positive emotional background which is essential for the successful completion of the program.

If you want to learn more about how to enroll your child at our School, from what age children are accepted, which textbooks are used, etc., take a look at the FAQ page or contact us using the coordinates here.

Attention! The Kalinka Russian School is a Saturday school of complementary education. Kalinka is only open on Saturdays.

* You can find more information about the Russian Club of Luxembourg on their website.

Our founder

The co-founder of the Kalinka Russian School is a non-profit organization Russian Club of Luxembourg.

Russian Club of Luxemburg A.s.b.l.

The address of the club is:

32, rue Goethe - 5, rue C.M. Spoo

L-2546 Luxembourg

Our sponsor

The main sponsor of the Kalinka Russian School is East-West United Bank S.A.
Patronage is an essential part of the successful implementation of all educational and cultural programs. It is the most noble and rewarding way to invest.

Both Trustees and Sponsors of our School have a unique opportunity to support a project, implemented with the help of the Russian Embassy in Luxembourg, Rossotrudnichestvo agency and with the participation of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Family of Luxembourg.

The opening of Kalinka in February 2010 was made possible due to the selfless work and enthusiasm of the organizers and the teachers who had made it their goal to introduce the kids growing outside the Russian-speaking environment to the Russian language, literature, history, art and the cultural heritage of Russia in general.

Our team of excellent pedagogues use a special method for teaching the children living outside Russia and other Russian-speaking countries.

East-West United Bank S.A.
10 bd Joseph II, 
L-1840 Luxembourg
General Tel: +352 253 153
General Fax: +352 450 412

Board of trustees

The Kalinka Russian School was established in February 2010 with the financial support of the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade and with the administrative support of the Luxembourg Ministry of Education.

We thank the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade and especially the former Minister, Mr. Jeannot Krecké.


Embassy of Luxembourg in Moscow

Mr. Edward R. Malayan

Former Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Luxembourg (2005-2009).

Ms. Sasha Baillie

CEO of Luxembourg‘s national agency for economic development, innovation and promotion. Former Diplomatic Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to the Deputy Prime Minister at the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Defence. Former Consul of Luxembourg in Moscow.

Mr. Georges Lentz


Mr. Guy de Myuser

President of the Neumünster Abbey Cultural Exchange Center, Marshal of the Honorary Court of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Ambassador of Luxembourg in Moscow (1981-1986).

Robert Dennewald

President of S.A. of Chaux de Contern.

Official documents

General guidelines for child development and education at the Kalinka Russian School.

Sur le statut de l'Ecole russe «Kalinka» au Luxembourg: Protocole de la séance de la commission russo-luxembourgeoise pour la coopération culturelle pour les annees 2019-2021 (page 6, partie II-9):

«L’école russe de l’éducation complémentaire « Kalinka » est le plus important centre d’apprentissage de la langue russe pour les enfants de ressortissants de la Russie, des pays de la CEI et de familles mixtes avec environ 200 élèves».

World Through the Eyes of Children Annual Poetry Recitation Contest dedicated to the Victory Day celebration

General terms and conditions 2018 for the annual poetry recitation contestScorecard 2018.

Annual chess tournament

General terms and conditions 2019 for the annual chess tournament.