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Congratulations on Russia Day!
Congratulations on Russia Day! Peace, warmth, kindness, joy and light to all of us! Let every day begin with good news and happy events. Let Russia prosper and always let the soul of the Russian (...)
Happy Victory Day!
This year we mark the 75th anniversary of the great Victory! This holiday, with tears in the eyes every year, causes great joy, sad memories and pride of his ancestors among those who, (...)
Congratulations on World Aviation and Space Day!
We wish you happiness, more of the Universe, love, brighter than twinkling stars, good luck with the speed of rotation of the Earth, prospects of cosmic proportions for development in activity (...)
Classes March 14th
Dear Parents! On Saturday, March 14, the Lyceum will be closed to students of the Kalinka school in connection with the Open Day. More information will be provided to all parents and students (...)
Meeting with astronaut Anton Shkaplerov
On February 8, 2020, in the framework of the Space Together project, a meeting of students with the Russian astronaut Anton Shkaplerov, director of the Samara Cosmic Museum and Space Center Elena (...)
First laboratory
February 29, 2020 the first laboratory of the Space Together project was held. Participants personally collected telluria with the help of which they then studied the change of seasons, solar (...)
«Space Together» at International Gymnasium in Novye Veshki
On December 13, Natalia Parfentieva (professor of physics, author of more than 200 scientific and popular-science articles, 26 books on physics) gave an open lecture «Space. Learning Objectives. (...)
The new joint Russian-Luxembourg educational project “Space Together” was launched

To give a start to the project, on November 16, Natalia Parfentieva (professor of physics, author of more than 200 scientific and popular-science articles, 26 books on physics) visited Luxembourg and gave an open lecture «Space - look, learn, admire» at Russian School Kalinka.

Vocal Competition 2019

On Saturday, November 30, at the Kalinka Russian School, the annual Vocal Competition was held. 

Kalinka Russian School vocal competition 2019
On November 30, 2019, at 12:00, the Kalinka Russian School will hold a singing contest. Our students can participate in the competition without any age limits, as well as their parents. The (...)
Contribution of non-governmental organizations to the popularization of the Russian language in Europe
On September 27, Berlin hosted an international conference entitled The Contribution of Non-Governmental Organizations to the Popularization of the Russian Language in Europe. Kalinka's (...)
Beginning of a new school year in Kalinka
Dear students and parents! Congratulations on the start of the new school year at Kalinka! We look forward to a new meeting and wish all adults and children health, success and prosperity in (...)
Stationnement près du lycée
Chers parents ! En raison de la nécessité de rationaliser le processus de stationnement devant le Lycée des arts et métiers le samedi, nous vous prions de communiquer de toute urgence à (...)
Kalinka wins a medal at Romansiada Without Borders in Hamburg!

On November 25, 2017, Luxembourg took part for the first time in the European festival — contest of Russian romance, Romansiada Without Borders. The Grand Duchy was represented by Daria Gomolyako, a student of the Kalinka Russian School.

Luxembourg — Moscow: new program of language and cultural exchange
As part of our joint project with the Novye Veshki International Gymnasium (Russia, Moscow region), the Kalinka Russian School invites you to participate in a new program of language and cultural (...)
Year-end show coming up!
The traditional year-end show entitled Visiting a Fairy Tale will take place on Saturday, July 1, at the Arts and Crafts Luxembourg Lyceum's concert hall. This play, put on by students and (...)
Earth is Our Home Writing Contest: results
As part of the Children’s Film Charity Festival in Luxembourg, students of the Kalinka Russian School took part in the Earth is Our Home Writing Contest. 8-15 year olds answered the following (...)
Children’s Film Charity Festival in Luxembourg
Luxembourg, June 16-19, 2017 Founders Detskii KinoMai Children's Charitable Foundation Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Luxembourg Embassy of the Russian Federation in the (...)
Schoolwide calligraphy contest prize-winners rewarded at Kalinka
The Kalinka Russian School held a calligraphy contest in February, so in March, the finalists and prize-winners were rewarded for their impressive results. Solov’I B congratulated Kiryanov Egor, (...)
Russian World Through the Eyes of Children
We are happy to share with you the letter of Sofia from Saratov: «My name is Sofia. I live in Russia, Saratov. It is a city on the Volga River, in the place where the first cosmonaut in the world (...)
Our students performed at the VI Russian Charity Ball
On Saturday, January 14, students of the Kalinka Russian School took part in the VI Russian Charity Ball. They performed a dance in a ring. The girls had candles in their hands, to symbolize (...)

News from our sponsor

Concert of Mariinsky Theater Symphony Orchestra for the East-West United Bank’s 45th anniversary

On September 15, the Luxembourg Philharmonic hosted the celebration of the 45th birthday of East-West United Bank, a friend and sponsor of the Kalinka Russian School, which has supported the school since its foundation in 2010.

East-West United Bank celebrates 45 years

East-West United Bank, the main sponsor of the Kalinka Russian School, celebrates 45 years on June 12. Congratulations!

Les bases de la finance pour enfants

Le samedi 27 avril, le sponsor de l’école russe «Kalinka» «East-West United Bank» a donné des cours sur les principes de bases de la finance en russe, anglais et français.

Congratulations on the anniversary of Vladimir Petrovich Yevtushenkov on September 25
Dear Vladimir Petrovich! The Kalinka Russian School congratulates You on Your anniversary and wishes You good health, blue skies above your head and every success in Your future endeavours. As (...)
Thank-you note from Detskii KinoMai Children’s Charitable Foundation
L’Institut Le Rosey et ses camps: pourquoi y aller?
Samedi 18 novembre à 10h00, M. Jacques Bounin, Directeur des Admissions de l’Institut Le Rosey en Suisse, a présenté à l'Ecole russe «Kalinka» l'Institut Le Rosey, qui est une école privée (...)
Eternal Themes Exhibition
East-West United Bank together with the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Luxembourg presents Eternal Themes Exhibition The Eternal Themes Exhibition, which will be presented this (...)
Kalinka’s sponsor: online accounts for private individuals
The Kalinka Russian School's sponsor, East-West United Bank (EWUB), launches a new product, East West Direkt – online accounts for private individuals in the EU countries. Since April 10, it (...)
Kalinka’s pupils giving a little performance at East-West United Bank
Our little school ensemble presented their program for the Christmas and New Year festivities at East-West United Bank. Little guys are true masters of transformation and really good at keeping (...)