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Winter chess tournament 2017 at Kalinka: friendship won after a bitter struggle

On Saturday, January 28, an open chess tournament was held at the Kalinka Russian School. As the Swiss system was used, each competitor played a certain number of rounds with his/her adversary decided through drawing lots. Each win earned three points, a draw earned one point and a loss earned zero point. The winner was the competitor with the highest aggregate points earned in all rounds.

The competitors were divided into groups according to their age: the group of 6-8 year olds, the group of 8-10 year olds and the group of children aged 11 years and older.

Group of 6-8 year olds (15 competitors).

1 place. Kobzar William. 6 points.

2 place. Ortiz Bogdanov Pablo. 5,5 points.

3 place. Ortiz Bogdanov Santiago. 4,5 points.

The arbiters also appreciated the results of Smolenskiy Emil, Tristo Anastasia, Efimov Timofey, Pink Harold, Casanova Zaychenkov Roman

Group of 8-10 year olds (10 competitors).

1 place. Feyereisen Vladislav. 6 points.

2 place. Kunz Christopher. 5 points.

3 place. Merkulov Timofei. 4,5 points.

Group of children aged 11 years and older (3 competitors).

1 place. Smolenskiy Semen.

2 place. Makogon Dmitri.

3 place. Makogon Valentin.

The Chief Arbiter Petr Selyanskiy thanks a lot the competitors’ parents for helping him during the tournament as well as Smolenskiy Semen, another arbiter.