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Elena Kolesnikova visits Kalinka

On Saturday, December 8, Elena Kolesnikova, teacher trainer and author of a series of books on preschool education, attended classes of the Strizhy Groups (5 year-olds) at the Kalinka Russian School (teachers: Olga Ponomareva, Anastasia Ivanova, Svetlana Kleshkova, Inna Richard). She enjoyed working and playing with kids.

On the second day of her stay in Luxembourg, December 9, Elena Kolesnikova held a workshop on preschool literacy for teachers of the Kalinka Russian School and the Matryoshka Russian School (Trier, Germany) in the Russian Center for Science and Culture. She has been regularly holding such workshops for teachers of Russian schools abroad in the past few years. Her textbooks have obtained an extraordinary popularity among Russian schools of complementary primary education.