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End-of-year show: The Wizard of the Emerald City

On Saturday, June 30, the Kalinka Russian School traditionally held its end-of-year show. This is the culmination of every academic year. The play, put on by students and teachers, had been prepared throughout the whole school year. Both children and adults had put their hearts and souls into it.

This year, the show was based on the plot of the children's novel by Alexander Volkov entitled The Wizard of the Emerald City, beloved by all Russian readers. This novel is a re-narration of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The world famous story allowed the authors of the script to create a lively and colourful performance, and to tell in their own way a touching story about friendship, hope and a victory of good over evil, which left no one indifferent.

A real gift for the whole school team was the consent of the participants of the Children’s Film Charity Festival's delegation – director and actor Alexei Levshin and singer and actress Ekaterina Belotserkovskaia – to help teachers prepare the end-of-year show. The artists spent much time viewing and working on the scenes together with young actors. All the teachers responsible for the script and production noted undeniable results of this work. The Kalinka Russian School expresses its great gratitude to the team of the Festival for the invaluable contribution to the production.

The production is the result of hard work from the whole staff of the Kalinka Russian School, and first of all the creative team responsible for the script, search of backing tracks and slides, for rehearsals and staging in general. It included Svetlana Ananyeva, Ekaterina Kisula and Marina Drobinina. Many dance moves were staged by Lyudmila Syrovatskaia. The musical part was largely successful thanks to music teachers Tatyana Zelenko and Elena Vitel, who is the author of the music for two songs of the play...

A serious factor for the success of the end-of-year show was painstaking work on makeup, costumes and decorations. Art teachers Julia Sedrati, Veronika Lobanova and Renata Cvelih created bright, large-scale scenery. They also used for the first time professional makeup to prepare actors for the stage. We thank our students' parents for their help with the costumes, which often had to be changed and thoroughly refined. The costumes were so beautiful that kids didn't want to take them off after the performance. Mikhail Loshchinin was in charge of backing tracks, slides, lighting and sound systems and other technical support.

The Wizard of the Emerald City can be considered as the most successful, colorful and professional play in the history of the Kalinka Russian School. It received rave reviews from the audience, including our honorable guests: Viktor Sorokin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Luxembourg, and his wife; Vsevolod Yampolsky, president of the Russian Club of Luxembourg; opera singer Albert Shagidullin and his wife; Yury Plechko, head of operations and business development of East-West United Bank, our main sponsor, with his son; journalist Raul Reis; Véronique Schaber, director of the Arts and Crafts Lyceum, where our School works on Saturdays.

We thank our young actors who completely coped with their excitement and wowed the audience with interesting characters and stunning speech skills! Thanks to everyone who made it to our play that day! And those who couldn’t come are certainly invited to our future concerts that will surely take place next year.

PS: Special thanks to the parents that helped our staff move the chairs, tables and benches after the show. Without you it would have been very difficult!