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Year-end show coming up!

The traditional year-end show entitled Visiting a Fairy Tale will take place on Saturday, July 1, at the Arts and Crafts Luxembourg Lyceum's concert hall. This play, put on by students and teachers of the Kalinka Russian School, has been prepared throughout the whole school year. Both children and adults have put their hearts and souls into it. Our performance regroups excerpts from children's fairy tales, poems and films, all known since childhood.

Please pay special attention to the program of the festive concert.

  • On July 1, all regular classes and clubs are canceled.
  • Children gather in their classrooms at 13.00 PM.
  • While the children are preparing for the concert, the Director of the School, Anna Radishevskaia, will hold a meeting where you can discuss with her some matters of particularly pressing concern that are on the agenda for the new school year (the meeting will be held in the classroom 109).
  • In front of the concert hall, you will find some works executed by persons attending the drawing club for adults.
  • The doors of the hall will be opened at 13.45 PM.
  • The concert starts at 14.00 PM and ends at 15.30 PM.