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Enrollment in the class specialized in social and humanitarian studies

The Kalinka Russian School continues enrollment in a new class specialized in social and humanitarian studies for the 2018-2019 academic year. The following disciplines will be available: Russian language, Russian literature, regional studies (with elements of history, geography, culture and social organization of Russian regions and the neighbouring countries of Russia).

The course program includes the following topics:

  • know and love Russia,
  • ethnos: nations, nationalities and peoples,
  • the main tourist centers of Russia,
  • the arts and man,
  • the concept of rhetoric and oratorical skill,
  • the art of debating,
  • major religions in Russia,
  • ecolinguistics,
  • rights, duties, social norms,
  • biosphere,
  • the Russian world and Russian emigrants,
  • the present state of the Russian economy,
  • physiological, social and spiritual needs,
  • family and family traditions,
  • outstanding people of Russia,
  • the education system in Russia and Luxembourg,
  • methods of sociological research, etc.

The teaching method will be aimed at developing of communication skills and abilities in children, such as conducting a conversation in Russian, public performance, expression of thoughts in a beautiful and correct way, questioning competence, listening and understanding, as well as adaptation to social reality.

Individual approach to each student guarantees successful training.

Enrollment in the group is reserved for children aged 12 years and older.

The teacher is Tatyana Govorova.