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First day of school in 2018-2019

On September 22, the Kalinka Russian School again opened its doors for children and adults. Kids came with flower bouquets and a smile was shining on every face.

Students, as well as their parents who take an active role in school life, hadn't seen their friends, classmates and teachers throughout the summer. Needless to say, how much everyone was happy to exchange impressions. We were very glad and excited to meet our new students. The youngest group of three-year-olds is called Korol'ki this year.

With fresh forces, full of energy, students and teachers returned to classes. There's no doubt the 2017-2018 school year will be interesting, but all of us will have to work hard. Children will discover many new things, and their teachers will guide them towards the new knowledge in the most professional and delicate manner.

So, may we all have a great school year!