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First fashion show in the school’s history

Attention! You can order now the photos of your child from the fashion show on www.sublimanie.fr. To get access to the photos, please send an email at kalinkarussianschool@hotmail.com. Please provide your name and your child's name.

On Saturday, March 17, the Kalinka Russian School hosted a fashion show entitled Kids Love Fashion. Le Show que Vous Attendiez! This is the first event of its kind that has ever been held in the history of our school, and it has turned out to be extremely successful. The idea of the show was offered by Valériya Weissenburger, the mother of one of the students of our school, Théo Weissenbuger (Solov'i B). Valériya is a children's clothing stylist with her own project www.defieleskids.com, and she created a series of cute and original outfits for the fashion show in Kalinka.

Before the show starts, School Director Anna Radishevskaia has had to tell the guests that in fact it would not take place... Equipment has broken down, and some irreparable technical problems have arisen... Suddenly, the student Nicolas Indivery (Javoronki A) comes up and says: «Madame la Directrice! Everything we've worked for will be for nothing... I have got a music track here!» He gives a USB to DJ Misha, who is surprised and asks permission from the director. «Well, okay, show your «rough» work. Do not let people go without a show», concurs Anna Radishevskaia.

And... the party begins! After a colourful slide show with participants in the fashion show, who have answered the question «Being fashionable means...», young models are coming. Children behave naturally, move freely, have fun, dance, show different tricks. Nevetheless, thanks to the work of the dance teacher Lyudmila Syrovatskaya, their movements are plastic and beautiful.

The main message of the fashion show is to congratulate beloved mothers on International Women's Day. Children perform touching poems and songs, mostly dedicated to Moms – For My Mommy (Sinitsy А, Sinitsy B, Malinovki), Lovely Mommy, My Dear Mom (Strizhy A and B), Mommy, I Love you From the Bottom of My Heart (Chizhy A and B), It's not Us who Invented This World (Snegiri A). Little girls perform a dance with dolls and a cowboys dance.

And here is a procession headed by Nikolas Indivery on a scooter! This time each participant walks the catwalk with an object that he likes, to show how You can play with fashion! In the end, all participants perform the song entitled Mom, There is Only One Word on the Planet — «Mom»!. Valéryia Weissenburger thanks Anna Radishevskaia for the unique opportunity, as this fashion show was also her first!

The entrance to the concert hall where was held the event had been decorated with paintings on the topic of International Women's Day, made by students in art lessons, which allowed creating an expressive and emotionally-rich design. It was interesting to gaze the T-shirts of the teachers involved in the fashion show, as they had been hand-painted by the art teacher Veronika Lobanova. Another nice surprise for the guests of the performance was the portable photo studio of the professional photographer Stéphanie Lorrain: she photographed mothers with their daughters and sons.

Thank You everyone who came to share with us these exciting and happy moments, which left no one indifferent. On that day among our guests were Viktor Sorokin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Luxembourg; Guy de Muyzer, Marshal of the Honorary Court of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Honorary Ambassador; Xavier Bettel's mother Aniela Bettel; and other honorary guests. We are grateful to Véronique Schaber, director of the Arts and Crafts Lyceum, where our School works on Saturdays.

Please, note the contact information for Valéryia Weissenburger.