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Fourth grade educational-methodical complex

Dear all,

You can buy now our fourth grade educational-methodical complex (authors: Dronov V., Maltseva I., Sinyachkin V., Khrusov G.), which consists of two textbooks and two worksheets. These schoolbooks are intended for children who study Russian abroad and have already completed the 1st, 2nd and 3d grades using textbooks by the same authors or other textbooks.

The schoolbooks can be used both in collective and in individual learning. Since the theoretical material on the Russian language course in these manuals is minimized, and they contain many interesting interactive exercises, they can be used for independent work on summer holidays.

The reader offers a large number of interesting and informative texts on a variety of topics. According to the authors, children will «not only learn Russian as a means of communication, but also perceive it as a source of knowledge of Russian culture».

The price of one package is 25 euros. Delivery: pickup. If you have questions specific to the acquisition, please contact svetlana.huss@live.co.uk (Svetlana Kleshkova).