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Kalinka Russian School received books from Moscow

On Saturday, January 6, the Kalinka Russian School received a large set of educational material and methodical literature. The books were delivered by Dar LTD, working for the Government of Moscow (Department for External Economic and International Relations of Moscow).

Thanks to this program, the school library will be replenished with textbooks and workbooks on Russian language and literature, Russian history and culture, as well as dictionaries and reference books, brochures and albums, readers, table games for speech development, dictaters, exercise books, proverbs, sayings and counters, entertaining speech games, poems, songs, fairy tales, altogether 88 items and 348 copies worth 200 thousand rubles.

After receiving the books, students, teachers and parents were sorting them out, flipping through with interest, then a beautiful layout of all the books was organized. Victor Sorokin, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and Vladimir Sokolov, Director of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Luxembourg, extended their warm congratulations to Anna Radishevskaia, Director of the Kalinka Russian School, meeting her in person.

The books were received by the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Brussels. Then, Valeria Golovkina's father took them to Luxembourg. The school administration expresses their deepest gratitude and appreciation to him.

The boxes had been delivered to Belgium by the Russian Mission to NATO and embassy transport. In whole, six boxes of educational material and methodical literature subsidized by the Government of Moscow were sent to the Kalinka Russian School.

The teaching aids are extremely valuable for the school staff and will be used for all the main subjucts, such as speech development, literacy, the world aroud us, literature, regional studies of Russia, music. Two books are specifically devoted to bilingual problems.