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"Kalinka" students on a tour of Vadim Sidur’s exhibition

At the beginning of the autumn holidays, Russian school "Kalinka" organized a tour to the exhibition of the famous artist and sculptor of the Soviet period Vadim Sidur. The exhibition takes place in the Russian Centre of Science and Culture.

The tour was given by an art expert from the Moscow Exhibition Complex "Manezh".

A seemingly common tour turned into a dialogue, where the children shared their emotions and asked questions. It was very interesting to hear the opinion of the kids on some very complex problems as the theme of the exhibition was "War and Peace"

The way the children responded to the questionnaire prepared by the teachers, we can say with confidence that the exhibition had impressed the children: some works have caused grief, even fear, some amused. But surely, the exhibition couldn’t leave anybody indifferent.

Of particular interest were the works "After the experiment" and "Scientist’s head", that kids boldly expressed their suggestions and ideas about!

At the end of the tour, one of the music teachers of the Russian school "Kalinka" Svetlana Tukalevskaya performed works by Rachmaninoff and Chopin, adding bright colors to the emotional perception of the art exhibition!

Russian School "Kalinka" thanks all the organizers for the opportunity to get the touch of the eternal treasure and to know more about what stands behind the works of Vadim Sidur!