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KinoMai 2017 – goodbye, see you again!!!

On Saturday, June 17, the Kalinka Russian School hosted film screenings and workshops as part of the annual Children's Film Charity Festival in Luxembourg. The festival, which attracts the public by its diverse cultural and educational program and the opportunity to watch Russian films for children and youth, comes to Luxembourg for the second year in a row. Its platforms, besides the Kalinka Russian School, are the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Luxembourg and the Arts and Crafts Luxembourg Technical Lyceum (Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers).

The Kalinka's students watched with interest the feature films and animated films brought to the School by the Festival's organizers which are the Detskii KinoMai Children's Charitable Foundation and its president Lidia Evtushenkova, as well as several «Star Volunteers» who had already visited charity film events of the Foundation in many cities.

Children had an opportunity to see some cartoon films by the Pchela studio (Maria Muat is its founder and the artistic director), which uses different techniques of modern animation from plasticine to woolen threads, as well as feature films This is Your Day, The Snow Queen's Secret and Puppy. They also visited the following workshops: the Cat House Directing Workshop (Ilia Ermolov, Marina Vorozhysheva), the Learning to See, Hear, Write… Literary Workshop (Anna Pendrakovskaia, Alexei Levshin), the acting workshops by Sergei Plotnikov, Evklid Kyurdzidis and Anna Snatkina, the animation workshop by Maria Muat and Anna Pendrakovskaia.