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KinoMai — for the third time in Luxembourg!

The Children’s Film Charity Festival has visited Luxembourg for the third time. In 2018, the long-awaited film forum, organized by Lidia Evtushenkova's Detskii KinoMai Children's Charitable Foundation, was held from June 20 to 24.

The cinema festival coincided with the national holiday: on June 23, the Grand Duke's Official Birthday was celebrated. That same day, the artists participating in the film forum, held creative meetings and workshops for students of the Kalinka Russian School in the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Luxembourg. Kids had an opportunity to see some cartoon films by the Pchela Studio and a feature film The Horned Vikings' Escape.

Children's poetess Anna Ignatova is also a great master of modeling clay artwork. Anna said that she had loved clay modeling from childhood. Although the poetess did not learn this craft anywhere, her works demonstrated at the workshop made a lasting impression on young Luxembourgers, so carefully and painstakingly the most minute details were executed. Anna explained thoroughly how to work with clay and, with the assitance of art teachers, Veronika Lobanova and Julia Sedrati, helped children perform interesting handicrafts that were kept as a souvenir.

Meanwhile, in the cinema hall of the Russian Center, actress, singer and anchorwoman Anna Malysheva were giving her vocal workshop. She showed Kalinka's students some entertaining voice exercises. «Two things are very important for an artist — discipline and attention», Anna shared her professional secret. She trained with children their reaction and then made them listen to two versions of the same song and asked to imagine and compare the character of the singers, who were Janis Joplin and Céline Dion.

As for the participants of the workshop given by art director Marina Kurchevskaia and entitled A Puppet for Animation with Your Own Hands, they had a unique opportunity to make puppets for animated films — working on their own, but under the guidance of an experienced master. The material for this was a simple aluminum foil roll. Of course, Marina Vadimovna had brought her wonderful puppets and a selection of cartoons filmed by her students at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography.

Writer, screenwriter, actor, poet and bard Alexei Levshin gave Kalinka's students a difficult but interesting task to stage a mini-show. The participants were divided into three creative four people team. Each group created a script based on a well-known fairy tale, and, under the supervision of Alexei, realized it in a small performance. As a result of this exciting process that involved not only children, but also many teachers, spectators saw three plays — The Wizard of the Emerald City, Little Red Riding Hood and The Gigantic Turnip.

In the second half of the day, Anna Ignatova was again the center of attention, but this time as the author of wonderful children's poems. During the Find Rhymes on Elephant Creative Meeting, little listeners were enjoying the dialogue with the author, since they were ordering themes of her poems themselves. Anna told about her co-author cat, showed plasticine illustrations to her books and let Kalinka's students watch a funny and benign cartoon film entitled The Old Woman Left the House and based on the same name poem.

During the interactive conversation on the topic: What Kind of Cinema is Interesting for Children?, conducted by journalist Irina Meletina, Kalinka's students tried to formulate what type of movies they liked to watch, and then watched some works by their peers who had managed indeed to make films of kinds they liked. A touching film-poem Hello, an exciting blockbuster The Orange and a film-anecdote The Best Gift about school life were three brilliant short films shot by children and shown to Kalinka's students.

The cherry on the cake was a creative meeting with a man known by «boys and girls, as well as their parents», director, producer, honored art worker of Russia, permanent artistic director of the Yeralash Children's Humor Film Magazine Boris Grachevsky. Boris Yurievich asked Kalinka's students and adults who gathered in the cinema hall of the Russian Center, to recall their favorite stories of the film magazine, spoke about the history of his creation and the meaning of the word «yeralash». «It's easy to work with children, but it's hard to find children who are easy to work with», he confessed.

Every year in Luxembourg, artists have an very busy schedule — a solemn reception at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Grand Duchy, meetings with compatriots in the Russian Center, awarding prizes to the winners of the literary contest. On June 22, the Film Charity Festival's team met with students of the Arts and Crafts Lyceum. Marina Kurchevskaia gave a workshop entitled The Puppet Game for Adults, Alexei Levshin discussed with the audience some masterpieces of world cinema during an interactive conversation on the transformation of the child's image in feature films, and Boris Grachevsky spoke about the unique experience of working on the Yeralash Children's Humor Film Magazine, which had no analogues in the whole world. Anna Malysheva and Ekaterina Belotserkovskaia who is a singer, actress and anchorwoman, performed in musical interludes.

As the Hello, KinoMai Song says, everyone was very sad to leave artists. Neither children nor adults wanted to let them go at all. Luxembourg will keep in its heart warm memories of the film festival and will prepare for a new meeting next year.