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Mobile app development courses «Прорыв»

«Прорыв» is a mobile application in Russian that offers numerous development courses, and some of them will be launched in the near future and can be useful for you and your child.

We are pleased to inform you that starting from May 1, the mobile application «Прорыв» launches a one-month subscription that costs $14. During a whole month, 24 hours a day, you will have access to all trainings planned for this period of time.

Do not miss trainings that have just started or will start soon:

1. How to Raise a Successful Child, we will keep you informed on the dates of the current event.

This training will help:

  • avoid mistakes that damage childhood and interfere with success in adulthood,
  • identify mistakes of your own parents that keep you from being successful,
  • build family harmony.


2. Turbo English, starts on August 27.

This training will help:

  • if your child gets bored learning English at school,
  • if you have attempted to learn English several times, but without success,
  • If you want to refresh your English and go further.

3. Formula for Happy Relationships, starts on August 27.

This training will help:

  • build family harmony,
  • explain to the child the role of the man and the role of the woman in the family,
  • find your second half.

4. Attain a Balanced Body, Mind, and Spirit Through Pilates, starts on September 3.

This training will help:

  • keep your spine healthy, improve your immunity, lose weight,
  • develop endurance,
  • enjoy inner peace and harmony,
  • harmonize the relationship with your child through Pilates.

5. Chic Woman, we will keep you informed on the dates of the current event.

This training will help:

  • enphasize your femininity,
  • stop feeling guilty and reduce resentment,
  • learn to accept yourself and to love yourself, identify and utilize your talents,
  • harmonize the relationship with your daughter.


  • These development courses are held online in the mobile application «Прорыв».
  • Every day you receive a video on your mobile phone with an explanation of the topic and an assignment for today.
  • 24-hour access to the video. You can watch it at any time convenient for you.
  • The duration of the video is 3-15 minutes.
  • If you miss some days, you can go through the same training course later.


The cost of participation in the application is $100 per year (83 euros) or $14 per month. Attention! This payment gives access to all the trainings listed above! You will also get access to such trainings as Wake Up Your Beauty (we will keep you informed on the dates of the current event), Wake Up Productive (29.08.2018), Salesman (we will keep you informed on the dates of the current event), I am a Networker (10.09.2018), MagnetMan (13.09.2018), ABOUTMoney (17.09.2018), Financial Breakthrough (04.09.2018), Online Revolution. Networks. Business. Money (03.09.2018), 10 Km Running Light (29.08.2018), Cryptocurrency as a World Trend (06.09.2018) and any other one available in this application.

In order to become a member of the mobile application «Прорыв», or if you have any questions, please call: + 352 661 663 140, Julia Bakhtina.