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Red neckerchiefs, school badges: the first day of classes in Kalinka

On September 16, the Kalinka Russian School again opened its doors for children and adults. Of course, the first day of the school year is always a little bit festive. Teachers and students were wearing cute clothes: red neckerchiefs with white round print for teachers and badges with the Kalinka's logo for children have become a sort of the school's dress code.

Students, as well as their parents who take an active role in school life, hadn't seen their friends, classmates and teachers throughout the summer. Needless to say, how much everyone was happy to exchange impressions. Children came with large flower bouquets and a smile was shining on every face.

On the first day of the school year, the school director Anna Radishevskaia held conferences with parents, explaining all the changes in the work of the school. In particular, math lessons have been introduced to the general curriculum in the new school year.

We were very glad and excited to meet our new students. The youngest group of three-year-olds is called Zyabliki this year. The total number of students has reached 200, a record high. More and more people learn about the Kalinka Russian School and want to be part of our friendly Russian-speaking community. Such recognition is the greatest reward for our teachers' hard work, enthusiasm and devotion.

With fresh forces, full of energy, students and teachers returned to classes, hoping that the 2017-2018 school year would turn out to be fruitful and interesting for them.