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Russia-Luxembourg celebrations in the Beaufort Castle

The Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots, with the support of the Russian Center for Science and Culture and the municipal administration of Beaufort, is holding on June 17 some celebrations dedicated to Russia's Independence Day (June 12) and the Grand Duke's Official Birthday (June 23). We invite everyone to spend this day together in an atmosphere of friendship and fun in the Beaufort Castle!

At 14:30 PM, the Summer Assortment Children's Concert Program will take place, with the participation of the dance collective of the Kalinka Russian School (led by Lyudmila Syrovatskaia, dances: Matryoshka Dolls, Shawls), Kalinka's choir (led by Elena Vitel, songs: Sleepy Song, Bells), as well as Kalinka's soloists (led by Ekaterina Kisula and Ekaterina Gruzova, songs: What Attracts a Bird, Childhood). The program will end at 16:10 PM. Еntirely free of charge!