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Sergei Bondarchuk School of Cinema: three days in Luxembourg

On October 10 and 11, the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Luxembourg hosted Natalia Bondarchuk’s workshop sessions, and on October 12, the famous actress and film director showed her production of Nikolai Burlyaev's play Bambi. Kalinka's students took part in all these events.

During the first workshop session, on October 10, children were working on a short film based on K.I. Chukovsky's fairy tale The Cockroach. Kids learned a lot of interesting things about how a movie is made. Long shot, medium shot, close-up, editing, backlight, action, and many other film terms are no more secret for our students.

Children had a unique opportunity not only to learn a lot of new things about filmmaking, but also to shoot a movie on their own. Even the youngest kids kept cameras in their hands and did their first shots, and maybe their first steps into the world of motion picture arts. Natalia Bondarchuk was shooting scenes for The Cockroach, and then editing them together with Kalinka's students.

You can see a video of the session here.

The second workshop session, on October 11, was held outdoors. Natalia Bondarchuk and camera operator Maria Solovyova filmed Kalinka's students.

On October 12, some Kalinka's students participated in Natalia Bordarchuk's production of Nikolai Burlyaev's play Bambi: Alexandre-Vlad Villot, Daniela Drobinina, Lisa Chistova, Lisa Eckstein, Sophie Anastasia Schmit.

Three days of Sergei Bondarchuk School of Cinema in Luxembourg left a lasting impression on children, parents and teachers of the Kalinka Russian School. Luxembourg is looking forward to hosting other events of this incredible international project!