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The adventures of our adult students in Moscow

As you know, it’s not only kids who study Russian at Kalinka – we also have classes for adults. And from 14 to 22 May 2016 our adult students went to Moscow to get more familiar with the Russian language and culture. They stayed at a hotel on Tverskaya Street, one of the famous central streets. On the first evening all students visited the Red Square and finally found out where its name came from. Then next day was dedicated to the Kremlin, the Cathedral Square and Armory, and in the evening our students visited the Grand Theatre! Ballet by Tchaikovsky "The Sleeping Beauty" impressed everybody by its beauty and elegance!

Despite the cloudy weather, Cathedral of Christ the Savior on Volkhonka looked as glorious as ever. The students learned the sad story of the church and understood the importance of its recovery for the Russian people.
And of course everybody enjoyed the night Moscow life: a cruise along the Moscow River (Moskva River) and a delightful dinner on the Radisson Royal Flotilla boat! Moscow never sleeps and offers countless dance floors and clubs.

At VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy, Russian: ВДНХ) an interesting exposition "Russia - my history" was taking place at that time, so our students got the chance to visit it. The history of ancient Russia and modern Russia became more clear to them: they traced the path of the country from the Rurik dynasty to the Romanovs and understood what features of the Russian and world history had influenced the modern state.

Space Museum at VDNKh also pleasantly surprised our travelers. It is here that they first heard of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the true pioneer of the astronautic theory.

And to relax, we went to the village to the real Russian sauna! For the first time in their lives our students got warmed up with birch and oak twigs, tried some pickled cucumbers and cabbage, as well as the juicy hot shish kebab with some Russian vodka.

Dramatized tour of the Museum of the House of Romanov boyars, the tickets for which are almost impossible to get, impressed the group to no end. A real boyaryn with a beard alongside his wife, both wearing XVI century costumes greeted the guests and showed them around. It was the house of Mikhail Romanov, the first Russian tsar of the dynasty.

And in the evening, the students went to the Old Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. They went out being as happy as kids, many of them saying they had never seen anything like that!

On the last day of their Moscow vacations, our students went on to visit an ordinary Russian family where they learned to make pelmeni (dumplings with meat). There was a lot of dancing, singing and dumplings. The shape was probably not very perfect, but the taste of the real Russian pelmeni with vodka was unforgettable!