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The new joint Russian-Luxembourg educational project “Space Together” was launched

To give a start to the project, on November 16, Natalia Parfentieva (professor of physics, author of more than 200 scientific and popular-science articles, 26 books on physics) visited Luxembourg and gave an open lecture «Space - look, learn, admire» at Russian School Kalinka. Over 50 people attended the lecture.

During the lecture, children and their parents got familiar with the concept of the Universe, learned about various galaxies, celestial bodies and the life cycle of stars. Participants were interested to hear about the planets of the solar system, meteorites, asteroids and meteors. Space exploration methods were given a special attention during the lecture.

During conclusion, Natalia Parfentieva was focusing on the importance of responsible attitude to space, touching upon the topic of space debris. The lecture was accompanied by impressive photographs, including those taken with the Hubble Space Telescope. A

presentation of the new joint Russian-Luxembourg educational project “Space Together” took place after the lecture.

“Space Together” is a student exchange project between Russia and Luxembourg, which main objectives are development of youth international cooperation, educational activities in the field of space exploration and space events modelling, career guidance aimed at choosing a space related profession for students.

A feature of the project is the regular exchange of students between Luxembourg – the country that considers space exploration as a major state priority, and Russia – the country with vast experience and scientific knowledge in space industry.

The project is implemented with support of The Ministry of Education of Luxembourg, Luxembourg Space Agency and Lycée technique des Arts et Métiers. The financial partner of the project is East-West United Bank.

We invite children at the age of 10 and above to take part in the project. The application can be sent to SpaceTogetherLu@gmail.com.