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Thanks a lot to all of you for Visiting a fairy tale!

The traditional year-end show entitled Visiting a fairy tale took place on Saturday, July 1, at the Arts and Crafts Luxembourg Lyceum's concert hall. This play, put on by students and teachers of the Kalinka Russian School, had been prepared throughout the whole school year. Both children and adults had put their hearts and souls into it.

Our performance regrouped excerpts from children's fairy tales, poems and films, all known since childhood. It was a lively and colourful show mainly based on Russian fairy tales: Tsokotukha the Fly, Buratino, The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats, The Gigantic Turnip, Frog Traveler, Cat House. Spectators also saw on stage heroes of such world-famous stories as Cinderella, Mary Poppins, Town Musicians of Bremen. Fascinating stories told and shown by students didn't leave anyone indifferent thanks to the support and guidance of highly qualified, professional teaching staff and the universal language of music that is intelligible to any general public. Dance moves and musical compositions designed by the school choreographer and music teachers specifically for the end-of-year concert, as well as beautiful costumes made the performance colourful and original.

Thanks to everyone who came to see our concert that day! And those who couldn’t come are naturally invited to our future festivities and concerts that we hold regularly throughout the whole year. On that day among our guests were Véronique Schaber, director of the Arts and Crafts Lyceum where our School works on Saturdays; Marshal of the Honorary Court of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Honorary Ambassador Guy de Muyzer; Xavier Bettel's mother Aniela Bettel; businessman Ignace Meuwissen, founder of the Property4East and Friends4East Companies, and his wife; editor-in-chief of the site www.russki.lu Marina Nickels and her husband; opera singer Albert Shagidullin and his wife; Head of the Friends of Belarus-Luxembourg Organization Tatiana Govorova.