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Winter chess tournament 2019 at Kalinka: competition builds caracter

On Saturday, January 26, a chess tournament was held at the Kalinka Russian School. The competitors were divided into three groups.

Junior group

1 place. Schmit Kathie. 3,5 points.

2 place. Leontyev Erik. 3 points.

3 place. Vlasov Gleb. 2 points.

Middle group

1 place. Marcoux Alexandre. 4,5 points.

2 place. Melchior-Otradina Leonardo. 3,5 points.

3 place. Golovkina Valeria. 3,5 points.

Senior group

1 place. Reding Deyan. 6,5 points.

2 place. Casanova Zaychenkov Roman. 6 points.

3 place. Viguier Evan. 5,5 points.

Every participqnt gained outstanding and invaluable competitive experience in chess. The administration thanks chess teacher Petr Selyanskiy, as well as school graduate Ortiz Bogdanov Santiago for providing assistance and coaching.