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World Though the Eyes of Children: annual poetry recitation contest at Kalinka

On Saturday, May 5, the Kalinka Russian School held for the third time its long-awaited poety recitation contest entitled The World Through the Eyes of Children and dedicated to the Victory Day celebration. Participants had the right to choose a poem on any topic, but many of them were not afraid to learn heart touching and meaningful war poems.

All the twelve participants, divided into three age categories, were rewarded with honorary diplomas — for the first, second and third place, for originality, heartiness, artistry or the best war poem. The jury highly appreciated the efforts of the children, their thorough preparation and work on clear, expressive speech, pronunciation and intonation. We sincerely thank all participants and spectators and congratulate the winners!

Our jury

Radishevskaia Anna

Fomenko Katerina

Kotova Olga

Mukhamedieva Irina

Non-Competitive program

Gonzales Alexa (Lastochki).

Indiveri Nicola (Javoronki A).

Kobzar William, Kuptsova Ksenia, Nazarov Victor. Small Trumpeter.

Children's choir. Sleepy Song.

Chistova Elizaveta, Kobzar William, Kuptsova Ksenia, Kuptsov Vladislav. Can you Hear Me, Sea?

Jarosz Maria, Gomolyako Daria. My Grandfather is a Hero.


Juniors (4-6 year-olds)

First place: Mairesse Victor (Malinovki).

Second place: Barth Eleonora (Strizhi B).

Third place: Stepanova Maria (Solov'i А).

Originality prize: Lecheva Elizaveta (Strizhi А).

Heartiness prize: Stepanova Maria (Solov'i А).

Artistry prize: Barth Eleonora (Strizhi B).

Prize for the best war poem: Mairesse Victor (Malinovki).

Middle-aged (7-8 year-olds)

First place: Chiaia Vita (Javoronki А).

Second place: Mairesse Diane (Sinitsy A).

Third place: Gomolyako Daria (Javoronki В).

Originality prize: Zawodni Lisa ( Sinitsy B).

Heartiness prize: Mairesse Diane (Sinitsy A).

Artistry prize: Gomolyako Daria (Javoronki В).

Prize for the best war poem: Chiaia Vita (Javoronki А).

Seniors (8-11 year-olds)

First place: Drobinina Daniela (Snegiri V).

Second place: Kuptsova Ksenia (Lastochki).

Third place: Gonzales Alexandre (Snegiri А).

Originality prize: Drobinina Daniela (Snegiri V).

Heartiness prize: Gonzales Alexandre (Snegiri А).

Artistry prize: Chistova Elizaveta (Vorob'i).

Prize for the best war poem: Kuptsova Ksenia (Lastochki).