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World Through the Eyes of Children Poetry Recitation Contest

On Saturday, May 6, the traditional poetry recitation contest entitled The World through the Eyes of Children and dedicated to the Victory Day celebration, was held at the Kalinka Russian School. We sincerely thank all participants and spectators and congratulate the winners!

Our jury

Radishevskaia Anna

Selyanskiy Petr

Mikhailenko Natalya

Ponomareva Olga

Samsonova Elena

Our winners


First place: Laigle Evgenija (Sinitsy B).

Second place: Mairesse Victor (Malinovki).

Third place: Tavtilova Diana (Malinovki).

Originality prize: Weissenburger Théo (Solov'i B).

Artistry prize: Berghi Leonardo (Solov'i А).

Heartiness prize: Ding Nicolas (Solov'i А).


First place: Drobinina Daniela (Javoronki B).

Second place: Binz Jennifer (Javoronki B).

Third place: Chiaia Vita (Javoronki A).

Originality prize: Sibade Maxime (Snegiri B).

Artistry prize: Indiveri Nicola (Javoronki A).

Heartiness prize: Tristo Anastasia (Javoronki A).


First place: Kurashkina Nelli (Lastochki B).

Second place: Kuptsov Vladislav (Vorob'i B).

Third place: Korzhenevskii Kirill (Snegiri V).

Originality prize: Villot Alexandre-Vlad (Chizhy A).

Artistry prize: Louis Mickael (Snegiri V).

Heartiness prize: Kuptsova Ksenia (Lastochki A).

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